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About us

Our team & our mission


Since the company was founded in 1991, we have concentrated on enabling our customers to process their business-relevant data efficiently. Thanks to our many years of know-how, we are not only experienced but also reliable partners who focus on long-term customer loyalty. The industries that benefit from our expertise are many and varied – they range from insurance to recruitment and logistics.






Our goal: more sustainability

Responsible use of resources is particularly important to us. Our paperless office is the first step towards sustainability. All our data is stored exclusively digitally. This saves not only on the paper itself, but also on the time wasted in the search for it.


Our goal: meaningful and future-proof use of IT

Due to the innumerable IT offerings, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to maintain an overview of the meaningful management of their data. That is why our focus is on finding a suitable and sustainable solution for every company.

Our goal: efficient work processes

In order to remain competitive in the digital age, efficient work processes are needed. These are made possible by digital transformation. Digital data processing improves processes without employing additional workers.



Our goal: satisfied customers

Satisfied customers are long-term customers. For this reason, we avoid waiting loops and rely instead on personal contact. We refrain from using abstruse technical terms and instead focus on comprehensibility. We do not have long waiting times and instead rely on a rapid response.

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