Digital archiving

Store documents in one place, retrieve and edit them anywhere with DocuWare


Uniform document storage and search functions support your employees in the recording and administration of documents. All possible document types from .pdf to .doc or even .cad and .psd can be processed. Even the origin of a document – whether it is digital, via e-mail or analogue by post – is irrelevant for further processing. The management of your documents is done in three steps:

  1. Step: Scanning
    Documents, such as letters or invoices, are scanned in the first step. Digital documents can be transferred directly to DocuWare.
  2. Step: Recognise
    Furthermore, relevant text content can be pre-captured by automatic text recognition and automatically transferred.
  3. Step: Store
    The documents are then sorted, assigned additional keywords and stored centrally.

The digitalisation of the documents supports the further work steps that must be carried out on the document. Whether it is the application of stamps or the annotation or modification of individual text passages – everything can be done directly on the document, whereby all steps are clearly traceable. Furthermore, it can also be controlled who can view or edit which document at what time.

With the help of the central storage of all documents, the seamless integration into the local document repository and the mobile apps, your employees are optimally supported in their individual work needs. Work-relevant documents are always accessible for your employees – no matter whether they are at their workplace on site, in their home office or on the road.


All advantages at a glance
  • All documents are stored centrally in one place
  • Changes to the document can be tracked at any time
  • Enforcement of security and access concepts
  • Searching documents becomes more efficient
  • All documents are available to your employees anytime and anywhere
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